Higher Ground Farm is a fiber farm located in pastoral western
Pennsylvania, 45 miles east of Youngstown, OH. Fiber animals
are raised with individual attention and using sustainable
agricultural methods that exceed all minimum care standards.

Higher Ground Farm specializes in garment quality Mohair
(angora goat), Angora (rabbit), and Shetland wool in a stunning
array of natural color for the discerning artisan. Our national
winning herds were developed through planned breeding from
some of the best foundation stock available to provide not only
the finest garment quality fiber, but also superior health and
longevity. Privately grown natural fibers produce higher quality
with longer wearing life, reduces your carbon footprint, and
support farmers using humane husbandry standards.

You take great pride and invest your time when completing a
project, why not add a natural connection to the garment that
will be valued much longer than one using commercially
produced synthetic products? Our socially and environmentally
conscious luxury fibers turn any fiber venture into a prized
heirloom quality work of art.

Eric smooching goat Emma and goat